About Us

Started in 1997 Proprietory concern Hand made soap manufacturing.Makes ayurvedic soaps in variety fragrances and for variety applications.Has drug manufacturing license from Government of Kerala.

Aware to not to pollute the environment and from Kerala State Pollution Control Board. Uses harvested rain water and solar power for making quality products.Products are distributed all over Kerala.Has a retail counter to display and sale of variety of products that are not usually available in the market.

Garden Soaps presents a whole range of soaps created to transform your bath into your very own spa. Come out of the shower feeling the sweet aromas waft off your body and start off your day with a relaxed and calm state. Surround yourself with the tantalizing scent of Jasmine, Oudh, Nalpamaradi, Turmeric, Sandalwood, Neem, Mahogany and Mint known to boost your self-confidence by adding an element of lush sensuality and increasing your overall sense of well-being.

Our Team

Ravi R
I approach the art of soap making as a “Science” rather than a simple craft. In an age of rampant commercialization finding products made from natural ingredients might seem like a daunting task. That is is my first inspiration to connect to customers and bring the best of Organic, Ayurvedic and handmade soaps for them.

Commercial soaps found in grocery stores are more often detergent bar made with synthetic materials, cleansers and Stablizers. That is why, Garden soaps customers have come to trust and depend on our quality handmade soaps.

100% Cold Processed, Handmade Soaps!

We use cold process method where natural glycerine is retained

Our Skills

Cold process is the basic manufacturing method that we are using which takes a lot of time for the completion of each batch process. So proper care is given throughout, from selecting the raw materials till the packing stage. As it’s a time consuming process we are aware about the time for each stage and time for curing the product. Samples from each batch are taken for personal use for quality assurance.

As this is a handmade unit the products are made with utmost care and passion. We can make soaps to the choice of customers specific to the fragrance or the purpose. More than 18 years experience in this field helps us in the selection of good quality raw materials and a good control over the manufacturing process. We are always engaged in developing new cost effective quality products.

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Why Us?

  • Hand made soaps
  • Cold process needs no fuels for heating
  • Natural glycerine in all soaps
  • Not allergic
  • Reasonably priced
  • Assured supply
  • Uses only high quality raw materials
  • Samples from each batch tested